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Premium Woven Moving Blankets (Dozen)

Premium Woven Moving Blankets (Dozen)




Packaged in a bundled bale with 12 (1 dozen) Moving Blankets

Premium Or High Grade Moving Pads – 6 – 6.5 Lbs Each Or 75 – 80 Lbs Per Dozen

1) Dimensions & Weight: 70 Inches X 78 Inches     Appr. 75-80 Lbs

2) Outside Fabrics:

Premium Moving Pads – Woven Fabrics, Dark Blue / Light Blue

3) Filling Materials: 100% Recycle Denim Cotton, Clean And Soft

4) Stitching: Double Zigzag Lock-stitching

5) 1 Inch Cloth Binding On All 4 Sides With 4 Finishes On Corners

6) Package: 12 Pieces Per Bale          BROKEN BALE PRICE:  $ 15.00 / EACH


Cargo can easily be damaged or dented while in transit in the back of a moving truck.  Our moving blankets provide a thick protective covering for your valuables.  Protect your cargo and other fragile goods from damages and scratches with our top grade moving blankets!

Our Premium Woven Moving Blankets Are Made Of A High Quality Poly/cotton Blend (they Are Soft And Durable). These Blankets Have Durable Woven Fabric On Both Sides And Are Zig-Zag Quilted With Lock Stitching. Double Stitched Binding Is Used To Ensure Long Lasting Wear.

These 72” X 80” Blankets Are Dark Blue On One Side And Light Blue On The Other. They Can Be Purchased Individually For $19.00 Or In Packages Of 12 For $190.00 These Blankets Have A Soft Thick Filler And A Shipping Weight Of Approx 80 Lbs Per Dozen.