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Decking Beam and Load Bars

Toronto Trailers Cargo Bars, Load Bars and Decking Beams

Help secure cargo and minimize the risk of damage with our line of load locks, cargo bars, and decking beams designed to provide optimal protection against damage caused by items shifting during transport. Unsecured or improperly secured items run the risk of being dented, scratched or otherwise compromised by knocking into each other and the sides of the truck.

To avoid this, use our cargo bars or ratcheting bars by themselves or combine them with a track system for versatile and effective protection. With the ratcheting style load bar, you can make the natural pressure between the cargo and the sides of the truck work for you – the ratchet bar uses this pressure to keep things secure.

For questions or to order any of our load or cargo bars, contact our knowledgeable team for recommendations, special orders and requests.

E-track Load Bars

E-track bars can be used in several ways – these sturdy bars are made of aluminium or steel and can help to organize, stack and secure items. For ease, you can use these along with a track system mounted on the trailer walls. The bars are designed to fit snugly across the entire width of most trailers for a secure baricade.

These bars come with extensions to make them easy to adjust and transport when necessary. An 85” bar will extend to 96.6” and a 92” will expand to 103” which will fit most trailers.  This expansion feature also helps to compensate for when your trailer walls or cargo may experience shifts or expansion due to weather changes.

What are Cargo Load Locks?

Cargo load locks go by several names including load locks and distribution bars. Equipped with a locking end capable of fitting into a track system of a trailer, these square shaped bars are an optimal way to secure large items.

What are Load Locks and What are their Advantages?

These square-shaped bars are designed to be used with a trailer track system and provide a secure, interlocking fit. Each bar is fitted with ends that can be extended or collapsed to fit snugly within a standard track. Advantages of this system include:

  • Easy, secure locking
  • Customizable length
  • Constructed of durable aluminum or steel
  • Trigger can be easily released – even when hands are impaired by protective gloves.

Load Locks without Track System: No tracking system? Depending on how you plan to use your load lock, this might not be a problem. For lighter cargo and less rigorous needs, load bars can be used instead. These bars are held in place with the pressure naturally created between the ends of the bar and the sides of the trailer – no tracking system required!

Load Bar Applications

Because they do not require a dedicated tracking system, load bars have a variety of uses that differ from other similar devices. In all cases, these bars are ideal for helping to secure large, tall or heavy items to prevent them from causing damage or being damaged during transit. With a properly placed and secured load bar you can dramatically decrease the chances of scuffed, scratched or broken furniture and other cargo.

Multi-Tiered Load Bar Use: Often, with cargo that has an uneven weight distribution, load lock straps are required to help keep all components in place. Load bars can be positioned at different levels to ensure cargo such as this is still protected without the additional step of strapping it in.  The flexibility of these bars allows them to move with the cargo, further decreasing the chances of damage even during rough road conditions.

Creating Platforms: With their ability to be secured by pressure, load bars can be placed in order to create different platform levels. Place two bars parallel to each other and lay wood planks across them to form a new level. This is ideal for creating more space and organizing cargo that cannot be stacked directly on top of each other.

Proper Load Bar Usage: While load bars are, generally, safe there are certain precautions that must be taken to ensure they do not cause damage or injury. Primarily, all weight limits must be observed both when being used to secure tall cargo and when they are part of a platform.

Exceeding this weight can cause the bars to either bend, snap or come loose from their position and creating a hazard during an accident.  It is also important to secure the bars even when they are not in use. An unsecured bar can easily cause damage or injury should it slide during an accident or other car turbulence.

Small Trailer and Truck Cargo Bars

While cargo bars and decking beams are most often a part of larger hauling vehicles, ratcheting cargo bars bring the same advantages to pickup trucks and smaller trailers. A ratchet fitting on these bars helps to form an exacting fit.

Ratcheting cargo bars come in a few sizes, though most extend to around 104.” Safety features like rubber pads provide an extra secure fit and also protection against damage and scratches to the vehicle. Additionally, the ratchet feature makes it quick and simple to adjust the bar for different cargo. This also allows you to secure your cargo without the use of locking straps.

Replacement Parts and Bulk Ordering Options

Toronto Trailer seeks to meet all your cargo bar, load bar ad decking beam needs. We offer specialty pricing and delivery options for high volume bulk orders. We also carry an assortment of replacement pieces for extenders, ratchets and more. For questions about all of our ordering and delivery options, contact our knowledgeable staff today.