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Corner Protectors

Corner protectors (sometimes also called strap protectors, vee boards, or tie down strap protectors) are an inexpensive way to protect not only your cargo, but also protect your straps or chains, and any tarps or covers that you use in tie down applications.

Designed to provide a layer between the edge of cargo and the strap or chain that secures it to the vehicle, flatbed corner protectors distribute the pressure of the straps or chains across a wider area, so no concentrated area bears the pressure of securing the entire load. This even distribution works to safeguard the cargo while also dramatically extending the working life of the strap or chain.

If you have any questions about corner protection during transport or need help in placing an order, contact us. One of our product specialists will be happy to help. For edge protectors in steel, plastic, and rubber, we carry the right corner protector for nearly any type of load you transport.

Corner protectors for shipping not only have the ability to protect a variety of cargo- from brick and steel sheeting to drywall and fragile odd-shaped items- but they also protect expensive tarps from ripping and abrasions from sharp corners. They are also invaluable as tie down protectors and ratchet strap protectors as they add a layer between the strap and the load’s corners.

While these devices can not only save your valuable equipment and protect precious cargo, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA) also requires edge protection at the points of contact that are subject to abrasion, crushing or cutting.

We carry a range of edge protectors in steel, plastic, and rubber, so you’re sure to find just the right corner protector for nearly any type of load you transport.


Sometimes referred to as v boards, veeboards, V boards flatbed, or just simply a veeboard, these plastic corners are versatile and cost-efficient. Great for protecting cargo such as drywall, insulated steel sheeting, and anything else that can be easily damaged during transit, plastic corner protectors are lightweight and easy to use.

Plastic corner protectors for shipping are most commonly used with a ratchet strap or winch strap.

V boards for flatbed hauling come in a variety of styles and sizes, from a narrow 12″, up to an extra long 36″ size. You’ll notice these are also called web protectors as they not only protect the cargo but the “web” design of the strap.

While plastic corner protectors for shipping are generally designed with a straight edge, we also offer a model with a rounded center that’s ideal for use with tarps. It allows for the tarp to curve around the edge rather than be pulled tight. Simply place the protector over the corner of your cargo, the tarp over the top and then secure the load. If you’re in the market for a quality new tarp, check out our selection of steel and lumber tarps.

Our selection of plastic edge protectors also includes corner protectors for brick, made of high density, crack-resistant polyethelene that are flexible enough to conform to the cargo, but return to their original shape after use.


Flexible rubber makes an excellent protector for loads where straps must secure cargo that’s not square or is odd-shaped. Our rubber protectors are extremely versatile and designed to allow the webbing strap to loop through for extra security.


Steel corner protectors are excellent for heavy-duty uses involving transport chain for larger or heavier cargo. Designed with a groove, slot or divot to keep the chain or webbing strap in place, these heavy-duty corner protecters will offer years of use.

If you’re adding to your supply of metal corner protectors and also need additional chain, be sure to check out our selection of transport chain and chain binders.

While you’re shopping for shipping corner protectors, be sure to check out our full line of coordinating necessities like truck tie downs and flatbed winchesrubber tarp straps and winch straps. Whether you haul fragile cargo across the country or heavy-duty machinery across a construction site, you can trust Toronto Trailers to offer only the very best. We also value customer service and welcome your questions. If you need help selecting a plastic corner protector, a synthetic strap corner protector, a webbing tie down, or a veeboard, contact us to speak to one of our sales staff. We’re always happy to help our customers.