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Ratchet Straps & Tie Downs

Customized Ratchet Straps

Get the right ratchet straps for your vehicle and cargo with customizable options from Toronto Trailers. Let us customize your straps with your preferred strap width, fittings and even material choice between polyester and nylon. This is just one of many services Toronto Trailers provides along with discounts for larger quantities, a satisfaction guarantee, and personalized, knowledgeable customer service. Get started by calling us today. Our experts are here to help get you the right ratchet straps for every job.

Ways to Customize

Along with width and hardware options, Toronto Trailers also offers straps made from both polyester and nylon with each having its own unique characteristics. Polyester straps have very little give to them which ensures they will hold items in place securely without stretching or allowing cargo to shift.

Nylon straps have more give and can be beneficial in a variety of situations. Cargo that is more oddly shaped, delicate or that requires a bit more forgiveness from the strapping will benefit from the more flexible qualities of nylon.

Both strap materials can be further customized by width and fittings to be used on a wide range of trailers and trucks including common types like moving trucks, flatbeds and more.

Customized Lengths and Hardware

Toronto Trailer offers several standard lengths for our straps, but each can be specially cut to meet your needs. Additionally, we offer several hook types and extenders made of chain to give you even more options.

Durable, Quality Tested Ratchet Straps

As a one-stop-shop provider for all your ratchet strap needs, Toronto Trailers works to ensure we offer only the best and safest products. Each item we sell has been proven safe, effective and durable. Each strap also includes a variety of information about the weight it has been tested for and other standards of quality that it meets such as those set forth by the WSTDA – Web Sling & Tie Down Association and the Department of Transportation.

Details About Toronto Trailers Ratchet Straps

Toronto Trailers offers everything you need to ensure your cargo is strapped in securely by offering the best products available. Here we have details about our basic straps and products which can all be further customized by size, material, and fittings as needed.

Ratchet Straps in 2” Size

Our thinnest model of strap, these are ideal for a variety of uses and can be fully customized with different hooks, extenders, and other options. To customize with your choice of flat or wire hooks, additional chain and more, our sales representatives will guide you to the perfect solution on your order.

Ratchet Straps in 3” Size

For additional weight capacity, choose our 3” ratchet straps which offer 5,000 more pounds of capacity over our 2”.  These straps can be ordered in several length options along with a choice of double J hooks or flat hooks.

Ratchet Straps in 4” Size

For your heaviest jobs, we offer 4” straps which can haul in excess of fifteen thousand pounds. Available in several lengths and with the option for extenders, 4” straps are tough, durable and built to take on some of the most difficult hauling situations.

L Track & E Track Fittings

For L-Track and E-Track systems, we offer a range of fittings, studs, and straps. Both can work with tie down style ratchet straps, come in different lengths and can be fitted with cam buckles for easier applications.

Ratchet Tie Downs and Straps for Motorcycles

Secure your motorcycle with our specially made ratchet straps for motorcycles. Available with both cam style buckles or ratchet fittings, these are a must have for any motorcycle owner or hauler.

Wheel Nets

When transporting a car, truck or other vehicle, wheel nets help keep your cargo safe and secure. These durable devices wrap around a wheel to keep it in place and protected. Additionally, wheel nets can also be used to secure a spare tire when needed.

Cam Straps

Cam straps fulfill the same function as a ratchet strap and have several advantages including being lighter and faster to use and secure. They are ideal for lighter and more delicate cargo loads as these 2” straps are quick to use but not intended for heavier loads.

Their unique construction allows users to simply pull the strap to tighten which is far simpler than a traditional ratchet strap which requires winding. This also makes them good for non-cargo securing needs like tying items into a bundle or securing doors.

Fast Replacement Straps

Ratchet straps have a tough job and even the best ones will eventually need to be replaced. Toronto Trailers makes it easy to replace your straps quickly, easily and affordably with our range of replacement strap options. By replacing the straps but keeping other components of your hauling system you can save money and avoid the hassles of replacing everything all at once.

Additionally, you can use these replacements to make winch straps into ratchet ones.

We offer two replacement strap options: One type includes a ratchet end with the option for either an extender or hook while the other has a bolt loop with a hook or extender option.

Webbing Options

For the strongest of products, choose our 100% polyester webbing. This webbing is built to be strong and create a secure cargo strapping system thanks to the exceptionally sturdy and tough webbing. These webbing options can easily replace a strap without requiring a new cam buckle or ratchet which further saves you time and money.

CORDURA Sleeves for Webbing Work

Protect your webbings and yourself with CORDURA sleeves which are designed to add durability and longevity to webbing. We carry CORDURA sleeves to match with each strap width.

Bulk Savings on Ratchet Straps

As part of our commitment to ensuring we offer not only quality but also great prices, we present special pricing for qualified bulk and wholesale buyers. For additional ordering info including quantities required to qualify for special pricing, please contact the Toronto Trailers team.

Additional Resources

To learn more about all our products, please refer to our additional resources.  Or, call us at 416 477 5488