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Winch Straps

Trailer Winch Straps

Have truckloads to tie down? Toronto Trailers’ trailer winch straps and accessories make it easier and more efficient than ever to create a secure hold for your tie-down loads. A secure tie down with one of our premium trailer winch straps ensures your vehicle, your cargo and you are safe.

Toronto Trailers carries all standard lengths including 30’ and 27’ with extensions and customizable packages that go up to 60’ in length to ensure we can meet all your cargo securing needs.

Trailer Winch Strap Color Options

If you use your truck professionally, whether for hauling, handyman services or other positions where your vehicle will be part of your first impression for customers, then you need to present a qualified look.  Toronto Trailers helps you do this with our range of color options for trailer winch straps.

We have blue, green, red and yellow to match with many vehicles and company colors. Further customize your straps with our hardware selections which include:

  • Wire hooks
  • Chain extensions
  • Grab hooks
  • Containers hooks and loops
  • Protective sleeves
  • Flat hooks and flat hooks with defender

Ultimate in Safety

At Toronto Trailers, we know that you need safe, effective and reliable options for your cargo to be successfully secured. This is why we only carry winch straps that meet the standards of WSTDA (Web Sling and Tie Down Association), the “largest non-profit, technical organization dedicated to the safe operation of all synthetic web slings and tie downs.”

By meeting and exceeding the vigorous standards set forth by WSTDA, we give our customers the peace of mind they need to perform their jobs better. These standards are applied to both the straps and all associated hardware and accessories used with our winch straps.

Each strap is tested to ensure it can hold as much weight as is stated on its specifications. When used properly, the straps secure cargo and minimize the chance for damage to your vehicle, cargo and to the person who unloads the cargo.

Additional Products

Much like a good trucking crew, our winch straps work better together with these other accessories: winch tracks, transport chains, binders, and tie-down winches. Order all your parts together for convenient and affordable shipping.

Ordering Your Trailer Winch Strap

Toronto Trailers offers both standard and customized trailer straps to meet all your cargo needs. For specialty orders of various lengths, hardware, and other options, call us at 416 477 5488.