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Chain Binders

Chain Binders and Transport Chains 

For all your chain binders and transport chain needs, Toronto Trailer provides both popular and customizable options. Each chain we stock follows industry leading standards set by the National Association of Chain Manufacturers (NACM) to ensure safety, durability and reliability. 

Whether you need standard single chain options, barrel/drum contained chains or customized chain lengths and fittings, we have you covered! Shop our online catalogue or contact our knowledgeable team for bulk and customized ordering options.  

Transport Chain – Grade 70

We sell a range of grade 70 transport chain including convenient, cost-effective bulk chain like our 5/16″ – Bulk Chain which is sold by the foot for an easily customizable assembly. Additionally, we have options with grab hooks for extra versatility. 

Grade 70 transport chains are especially well adapted to use with extra heavy cargo as their working load limit is a minimum of 4,700 pounds and their breaking strength is upwards of 18,000 pounds.

This popular chain type is also sometimes called simply cargo chain, trucking chain or binder chain or 70 grade binder chain. All of these names refer to chain that is designed to give optimal control over cargo and tie down systems. 

Customizations: Grade 70 chain is available in drums of lengths ranging from 200 feet to 550 feet but can be cut to different lengths and include your preferred tie downs.

Note: While Grade 70 chain has many applications, it is not suited for hoisting cargo upwards and overhead. To accomplish this, we recommend Slings for Chain Lifting. 

Grade 70 Chain Best Uses

Grade 70 is the gold standard when it comes to large, heavy and oversized cargo. With this chain you get the most strength with the least amount of weight. This strength combined with the lighter weight make it ideal to work with in a variety of situations and can often require fewer people to maneuver it thanks to the lightness. Grade 70 is also able to protect your cargo and truck from damage even during less than ideal driving conditions – ensuring that the chain holds cargo in place securely to prevent damage and injury. 

This ultra tough chain is also required when transporting vehicles, industrial/heavy equipment, logging work and for tie down on tractors. 

How to Ensure your Chain is Grade 70: When you need chain that is as strong as Grade 70, it helps to be sure that is what you’re getting. Each chain from Toronto Trailers will be marked with a signature 7, 70 or 700. 

Grade 70 Log Chain

While you do not need grade 70 chain for logging, it does provide an extra level of safety and strength. Alternatively, grade 43 can also be used. This chain is still very strong and capable of performing logging jobs, grade 70 is just as capable for all logging needs including binding, securing and constructing. 

Transport Chain Hooks

Grade 70 chain can be customized and adapted to certain jobs with the 3 available hook types: 

  • Clevis Sling Hook

A slip or sling hook has a wide neck to give you more options in how you put together your chain and tie down system. 

  • Clevis Grab Hook
    Known for the shallowness of the neck, this hook makes secure connections simple and quick. 
  • Safety Latch Clevis Slip Hook
    The same versatility of the clevis sling hook but with the added safety feature of a latch to hold the chain stationary. 

Ratchet/Lever Binders for Chain

Often used to refer to the same binder type, these are both used to secure by binding, clamping, tying down or anchoring cargo. The difference is in how the chain’s tension is achieved – either with a ratchet style action or a lever. 

Choosing Between Ratchets and Binders

The primary difference between these two is that ratchets require less strength to tighten and are better if there is a single person operation or other concerns over how difficult securing the load will be. 

Like with the chain itself, you can choose between a grade 70 and 43 binder with 70 having more strength and pulling capacity. 43 is most often used when cargo is not being moved and will remain in place while grade 70 is better for items that will be moved. 

Identifying Binders: Each binder will have its limit marked to ensure easy identification of its weight capacity using grade 70 and grade 43. The first of two numbers on the binder will indicate how it can be used with grade 70 and the second how it can be used with grade 43.  For example, a lever binder marked with 5/16” – 3 /8” means that 5/16” can be used with Grade 70 while 3 /8” is needed for 43. 

Why these numbers are important: These specifications ensure that the binder is always as strong or stronger than the chain itself which will make the overall system better and more able to handle the cargo. 

How do Chains Make the Grade?

The NACM is responsible for creating the standards that qualify chain grades. The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) sets specifications for the materials used in the chain, and other requirements which are used to set these standards. 

These standards and specifications help to determine the load limit possible for each chain and what weight the chain will break at. Each of these limits is tested in a controlled lab environment to ensure accuracy.

For a general idea of this, 43 has a load limit of 5,400 pounds for a relatively thin half inch chain while grade 70 is a top strength chain and will have a load limit upwards of 11,000 pounds of the same size chain. 

Look for these number designations on your chain to ensure you are using the correct one. These numbers should be found every 1 to 3 feet on the chain: grade numbers every foot of a transport chain and every 3 feet on a ½” chain. 

Beyond Grade 70 nad 43

While 70 and 43 grade chains are the most popular and cover a wide range of uses, they are not the only grades available.  Grades 80, 100 and 120 have greater capacity and can be used for lifting overhead. Because of their higher grade/higher capacity, assembly can often use less of these and thinner diameters with the same or better results as lower grades. 

Toronto Trailers sells these both in customizable lengths and in drums, tie down assembly systems and half drums. 

Additional Chain Accessories 

Complete your chain system with our assortment of winch straps, ratchet straps, winch bars, tarps and more! 

Affordable Shipping

Chains and binders make for heavy cargo themselves and shipping often requires some special accommodations. We do offer free shipping on large orders that reach a minimum of $2,000 and modified rates on less expensive, but heavy shipments under this amount. 

For more information on shipping costs and methods, please contact our knowledgeable staff at 416 477 5488