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Packaging Supplies

Toronto Trailers Moving Supplies and Equipment

As a professional mover, your clients depend on you to get the job done that they do not have the time, patience, or expertise to do themselves. At Toronto Trailers, we’re committed to providing your team with the moving supplies you need to ensure you can give your clients an exceptional experience. We provide everything you need to wrap, pack, move and keep items safe in transit. Browse our selection or call our experts to find specific products and get your questions answered fast.

Quality and Economy Moving Blankets and Pads

Moving blankets and pads are one of the things that make professional moving services safer and more secure for expensive and irreplaceable items. Toronto Trailers carries a range or mover quality moving blankets along with economical bundles of moving liners.

Highest Quality: Each grade of blanket and pad has specific uses to meet your needs. For our highest quality blankets, these are of the thickest weight and provide the most padding and insulation making them ideal for  delicate items, expensive furniture, artworks, and a variety of items that require extra care. These blankets can be washed and used multiple times.

Medium Weight: We also offer several mid-grade moving blankets and pads that provide a fair amount of protection at a lower cost. Unlike the highest quality, they cannot be washed but most can be reused several times making them a good option for when you want something effective but still disposable.

Economy Weight: Our thinnest blankets provide sound proofing and are perfect for when you want a one-time use product.

Protective Covers

Different from moving blankets, these protective covers provide protection for items during a move and during storage when needed.

Quilted Moving Covers: Thick and durable, these covers will help prevent dings and scratches to furniture and other objects during a move and also keep items clean during storage. This is especially beneficial to delicate or light-colored objects that can be greatly affected by dirt and dust found in storage areas.

Fitted Protective Covers: Choose our fitted protective moving covers to protect doors, handrails and other areas of a home during a move. All too often doors and door jambs can get scuffed as items are being moved in and out. Our high-quality covers prevent this.

Plastic Covers for Furniture

Plastic covers are a good compromise between no protection and heavy wrapping in blankets and pads. These single use plastic covers are ideal for large, soft items like mattresses, upholstered chairs and couches which do not necessarily need protection with heavy blankets but do need protection from dirt and stains during moving.

Our bulk plastic furniture covers are perfect for moving, short term storage and during remodelling and painting projects.

Moving Assistance Dollies

Take the strain out of moving with our line of premium moving dollies. These 4-wheeled carts make it easier to move large, heavy furniture and objects while reducing the strain and potential injuries suffered by movers. Choose from our selection of styles and durability grades to help move everything from giant freezers and couches to desks and more.

Hand Trucks and Appliance Trucks

Hand trucks serve a similar purpose to moving dollies, but work on two wheels instead of four. These trucks have a bottom portion that slides under an object and then tilts back to balance on two wheels.  The biggest advantage of trucks vs dollies is that a truck can be customized to work on stairs and many of our models come with extras like moving blankets and attachments.

Hand Truck Vs. Dolly: If you are unsure if you need a truck or a dolly, our dedicated team is here to help. Each product has different strengths and advantages and we are here to recommend the best option for your purposes.

Floor Protectors

Protect yourself and the floor with our customizable floor runners. Each runner provides traction to help prevent falls and also adds a layer of protection to the floor from scuffs, dents and other accidents caused by shoes and dropped objects. These handy runners are an economical way to add protection. Additionally, can be cut to size and are reusable.

Moving Supplies for Pianos

Pianos create specific moving requirements due to their large size and awkward shape combined with more delicate, breakable parts. Toronto Trailers sells everything you need to make piano moving safer including required straps and boards specific to pianos. Our floor protectors are also crucial to successful piano moving.

Straps, Tie-Downs and Ratchets

Securing items in a moving truck greatly reduces chance of damage and also provides a safer driving experience. We have a wide range of E-track straps, loadings straps, cargo straps and ratchet straps with a variety of uses and weight grades to secure even the largest and most difficult items.

Packing and Moving Boxes and Supplies

Tired of scrounging for packing boxes at the grocery store or hitting up friends and neighbors for boxes? Toronto Trailers can help protect your items better with our range of custom, specialty and bulk moving boxes. We have everything from standard boxes in bulk to specially designed wardrobe moving boxes that are perfect for keeping your clothes neat, clean and wrinkle free during a move.

Pair our moving boxes with our range of packing supplies for an even better and easier moving experience. Bubble wrap, wrapping paper, stretch wrap and more will keep items organized and secure.

Items for Easier Moving by Hand

Often dollies and hand trucks are not an option in certain spaces for a variety of reasons and moving items by hand is easier. To make moving items by hand safer, we offer moving straps and bands which are designed to make lifting heavy objects less stressful on the body. These specially designed straps help to redistribute weight and make it work for as opposed to against the two people who are moving.

In addition to straps and bands, we also carry furniture slides which go under furniture to make it easier to move across flooring without creating scratches. Combine these or our moving straps with our selection of tie-cords and other securing devices to help manage large and unwieldy items.

The Toronto Trailers Difference

When selecting moving supplies, we know you have many options. At Toronto Trailers, we set ourselves apart from similar companies with our excellent service and selection. Whether you are a professional mover or need moving supplies for home projects, we’re here to guarantee you get the right items at the right price from experts who know.

Visit our contact page or call our toll-free number to contact our knowledgeable customer service and sales team. Let’s get moving together!