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How Much to Rent a Storage Container

Extra space for storage is something a home or business will require at some point. Typically, this need is regardless of the family, factory, or firm size. And in situations where buying a storage container isn’t feasible; the solution is to rent.

Several things will determine the kind of storage you’ll need. For example, your storage needs will likely differ as a homeowner compared to a business person. And these differences will be reflections of the cost of renting storage containers.

Our latest read highlights Ontario’s average storage container rental prices. We’ll also explain the key factors influencing these costs, providing all the information required to budget for these expenses.

Cost to Rent a Storage Container for Personal and Business Use

Many variables contribute to the cost of renting a storage container. But two central determinants are the kind of user you are. In other words, are you a homeowner or business owner?

Standard Homeowner-grade Storage

Homeowner-grade storage units can either be 12 or 16 feet. The former can accommodate one or two rooms’ worth of furniture. Conversely, the other storage container will take up to four rooms’ furnishings.

Usually, you’ll pay up to $400 to rent these storage containers for a month. But pickup and delivery fees can add as much as $100 to the storage container rental fees. In addition, the logistics fees may vary depending on your location from the storage provider.

You should also note something. Most rental services won’t reduce fixed monthly fees even if you need the storage container for only a few days.

Storage Container Rental for Businesses

Costs range from $50 to $300 monthly for renting basic dry containers for business purposes. These prices may increase to $500 if you need customized, refrigerated, or insulated containers. The delivery fee also varies depending on how close you’re to the dealer.

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storage container rental

Factors Influencing How Much to Rent a Storage Container

You’ll need to be mindful of the following factors regardless of your category as a storage container renter. These variables affect the rent cost for storage containers.

Structural Make-up

Movable storage facilities are available in various materials, including plastic, plywood, and steel. Of course, the rent for the most secure container (steel) will be higher. But you can opt for containers made from cheaper materials.

But as a big home or business owner, you may not be able to settle for the cheaper options. This disposition is strengthened by the need to protect your goods.

Steel containers will cost more, but they’ll:

  • Store your goods better
  • Make your goods difficult to damage
  • Ensure the container is less susceptible to dents during movement.

Container Size

The container size you need is one of the first things to consider. Monthly rates will increase proportionally with the size of the storage container you rent.

For example, a container as tiny as 8′ x 10′ may be sufficient for some small retail operations. But sizes 8′ x 20′ or 8′ x 40’ will be the ideal containers for businesses with substantial amounts of inventory to protect.

There are two primary considerations for determining your storage requirements:

  • First, how many things do you need to keep in storage?
  • The shape or dimensions of the items being stored.

For example, a construction business will likely need their storage containers wider than usual. Conversely, a moderate-size container will suffice if your enterprise deals with clothing.

Constructional Integrity

As with the container’s material, its integrity is also crucial. The most reliable containers will be airtight and waterproof. And to rent storage containers with this level of stock security or sophistication doesn’t come cheap.

Less secure containers will cost less. However, they’re more likely to spring a leak when exposed to moisture like rain or snow. Therefore, warping or mould growth may occur and ruin stored items.

Pest infestation may also be an issue when you rent storage containers with fragile integrity. On the other hand, mice and termites can’t gnaw through steel.

constructional integrity

Container Rental Contracts

Another factor that may affect the cost to rent storage containers is rental contracts. Storage container rental services usually make agreements and payment schedules available every month.

You can decide at the end of every month to further keep the storage unit. However, you’ll need to inform the rental service ahead.

Negotiating a lower monthly rate is possible if you can guarantee your prolonged use of the unit. Some rental services may provide discounts to consumers who rent from them frequently.

Ultimately, you should schedule the rental as long in advance as possible. An annual rental arrangement is typically more cost-effective than a month-to-month one.

Mobile Storage Features

The quality of amenities in the storage container dictates how much renting it will cost. Mobile storage providers in Ontario can provide a wide selection of storage solutions, each with unique features. So while two containers may have similar sizes, their rental costs will differ due to these extra features.

  • Refrigeration
  • Advanced locking systems
  • Mobility
  • Weather resistance
  • Temperature control


A mobile storage warehouse needs a reliable delivery system to stay in business. As a result, transportation networks and distribution hubs have become an integral part of the success of many portable storage companies. In fact, most of them have their fleet of delivery trucks.

Therefore, the delivery fee is based on how far you’re from the closest hub. In other words, these fees can add up quickly if you need to ship the container over a long distance.

You may need to contact the storage rental company for an idea of shipping costs. This action is imperative because distribution network specifics aren’t always available on their websites.

But please note that shipping rates tend to be flat regardless of container size. Therefore, springing for the next size up would be worthwhile if you’re concerned about not having enough room.

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How much to rent a storage unit can reach $500 depending on usage reasons. Also, you’ll have to consider the cost factors discussed earlier. They’ll determine your overall rental expenses.

But you don’t have to spend excessive money renting a storage container. You only need adequate planning to avoid unnecessary expenses.

One way to make advanced plans is by seeking a reputable storage container rental company. And we perfectly fit this description.

At Toronto Trailers, we provide the best rental consultancy and solutions as regards storage containers. Feel free to request an audience with us today.

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