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How Much is a 10×10 Storage Unit?

10×10 Storage Unit Cost

Individuals and businesses may come upon times when they have too many unused things that need to be stored away for safekeeping. Unless they have ample space or room in their residences or offices, they may need to seek out 3rd party storage providers. Warehousing is a solution for most businesses since most of their items come in massive quantities, and it would be cost-effective to avail warehousing storage from logistics companies.

However, there are those who may have fewer items that need to be stored away and availing warehousing services would only be wasting their resources. For these cases, the cost-effective solution may be to rent self-storage services from well-known storage providers. Self-storage facilities come in various sizes, but people usually opt to use 10’x10’ self-storage units.

What Is Self-Storage?

Self-storage facilities are widely known all over the world. There are many people who take advantage of this service because they feel that unused items that are not meant to be thrown away should be kept in a secure location. Normally, self-storage units are enclosed rooms that have walls made from concrete or corrugated metal. There are no windows, which helps add to the security of the facility. Self-storage units are usually installed with roll-up metal doors. The security and setup of self-storage facilities may differ from one provider to another. Some are more secured with on-site security guards and surveillance systems.

Some self-storage units are known to be drive up units because you can pull up your car next to your rented storage unit for easier loading and unloading of things. Other facilities may be set up where you need to enter the facility to be able to access your self-storage unit. In this set up, you cannot move your vehicle near your rented storage unit. A self-storage unit may also be climate-controlled. This is an option for those who need to store items that are sensitive to temperature changes.

Factors That Determine the Cost of Self-Storage Units

It is important to learn about the different factors that would determine the cost of renting a self-storage unit. Some factors may work for some providers while they do not have any effect on the prices from other providers. By familiarizing yourself with these factors, you may be able to determine if you are being charged excessively by the provider. You may refer below to some of the common factors that help determine the cost of renting self-storage units:

The location of the storage unit facility

There are storage providers that have storage unit facilities spread all over the country. You may see that there may be differences in the price offerings between locations by a single provider. The main reason for this is that storage facilities located near the core of highly urbanized cities or towns are sought-out by businesses and individuals living in these places. As the facilities are situated farther from the city or town, rental prices go down. If you are particular about the price of your storage unit, you should assess if going to a facility that is farther from you would be acceptable so that you would be paying less for your self-storage unit.

The duration of your lease

There are different pricing models that providers offer to their clients. Even though the market shows the rental prices on a monthly basis, you should inquire directly from the providers for the full details. There are times wherein the providers are offering the advertised monthly rental price, but they may require you to commit for a minimum number of months. These providers usually do this in facilities that are in areas that have a high demand for self-storage units. Some providers may be flexible with their terms and agreements between the providers and the clients are made to find the best possible solutions. These providers may offer prorated prices so that you will only pay for the actual time you are using their self-storage units.

The size of the self-storage unit

Just like in warehousing services, as the space requirement gets bigger, the rental cost also increases. Most providers may offer various storage unit sizes that may include 5’x5’, 5’x10’, 5’x15’, 10’x10’, 10’x15’, 10’x20’, 10’x25’, and 10’x30’. Based on the items that you will be storing, you may have an idea on which size would be right for you. You may fill up your storage unit with as many items as possible, but you should leave some space for you to be able to unload your things after your lease ends.

The type of access and additional facilities

You are given the option to choose between indoor and outdoor storage units. Usually, outdoor storage units cost less since the space is worth less than the space of storage units that are located inside buildings. Outdoor storage units have available sizes that would be enough for you to fit your car into. Indoor storage units may be located in facilities with multiple levels or floors, and you may have access to an elevator so that it would be easier to bring your items if your storage unit is located among the top floors. With regards to the additional facilities, you may opt to use the climate-control feature of your storage unit if it is available. However, using this feature would increase the rental price since you will be using up electricity to keep your storage unit at a certain temperature.

The availability of security services

Some providers may provide advanced security services to prevent burglaries. They may employ alarm triggers for each storage unit so that they will be informed if there are attempted break-ins. Others may employ surveillance systems, which is usually the case for facilities located in highly-urbanized areas. There is also a chance that the provider would go the traditional route and assign security personnel to guard the facility.

The possibility of getting discounts

As more providers have opened their facilities in the storage industry, this has made it more competitive. Well-known storage unit providers may offer great deals and discounts to their customers as a way to get ahead of their competition. One of the most famous deals being offered is free rental for the first month. For clients who are signing leases for long-term use, the provider may award them with this deal. This would make the provider’s offer more enticing than newly opened providers who may find it hard to offer their clients with discounts. You just have to be vigilant and look for these deals so that you may save on your storage expenses.

Renting A 10’x10’ Self-Storage Unit

Cost Of Renting A 10’x10’ Self-Storage Unit

Before you go out and rent a 10’x10’ self-storage unit, you should first inquire from the storage experts if the items that you plan to store inside would be able to fit. You might be surprised that the sizes and quantity of your items may fit into a smaller storage unit. A 10’x10’ self-storage unit is almost the same size as a garage that can fit one car. The monthly rental cost of a basic 10’x10’ indoor self-storage unit within Ontario ranges from CAD 210 to CAD 300. If the storage unit has climate control and you opt to avail of such service, then you may need to add an additional CAD 50 per month. For a 10’x10’ outdoor self-storage unit without climate control, the monthly rental cost is between CAD 170 and CAD 205.

Benefits Of Renting A Self-Storage Unit

When you look at the cost of renting a self-storage unit, it may seem a bit high, but you need to consider the benefits you are getting for doing so. Below are some of the benefits you will have for renting a self-storage unit:

Saves your residence or office space

Since you will be storing unused items into these units, you will be able to clear up space on your property. You may then use the open space for more important things that you may need to use regularly.

Your items will be secured

Storage units are guarded by security systems and personnel. Most storage providers are accountable for your items while they are inside the storage units.

The structure protects your items from moisture and sunlight

Storage facilities are built so that rain will not be able to leak into the storage units. Storage units that do not have windows keep your items from being affected by sunlight. These items may not degrade in quality due to these natural factors.

Using 10’x10’ Self-Storage Units Is A Cost-Effective Solution

When you store your items in storage units, you are assured that the quality of your items will be the same all throughout your lease period. By giving your residence or office some additional space for more important things, you will have more space to work with. Reputable storage providers have the flexibility to find compromises to help you find the most cost-effective storage solution possible. If you are looking for storage options, you may contact Toronto Trailers at 416 477 5488.

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